Hello! My name is Jordasche Kingston, I am a natural health consultant and author of Top 5 Steps To Successfully Becoming a Plant-Based Vegan – A Basic Beginners Guide to Clean Eating. I am all about attaining optimum health, and showing you how to make that a reality in your own life.

Personally trained by a husband and wife team of natural health coaches for the last 19 years, I have learned to naturally treat all sorts of ailments from a simple sore throat to cancer.

My aim is to bring a total mind and body approach to health and wellness 100% through natural means for those that suffer with chronic pain, inability to lose weight, and disease.

I fully believe in the power of colorful, plant-based nutrition as a means to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. I use this approach in my own life, and I am very excited to teach you what I know. I am excited to show you that it is possible to live a vibrant, pain, and disease free life.