Jordasche Kingston Natural Health

raw foodHello. My name is Jordasche Kingston. Extensively trained in alternative medicine, I work as a freelance natural health consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. My goal is to take you from a state of sickness (whether physical or mental) to a healthy and happy state through natural health methods. Some may not know what ‘natural health’ means, so let’s start there. Quite simply, natural health means obtaining and maintaining good health naturally by getting exercise, sun, and fresh air daily. As well as, drinking the correct amount of water, eating healthy, non-processed foods, interacting with others in a positive manner, and getting adequate sleep.

When does a person start to look toward natural health? Usually when they are sick and tired of being sick, and tired. The American population loads themselves with toxicity on a daily basis via fast food, store-bought processed food, soda, and sugary treats. The toxicity attacks the body in the form of acne, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Why isn’t everyone in to natural health, if it’s so good for you? Two reasons. One, I believe that most people don’t associate the food they are in taking with their health problems because these toxic foods don’t always show immediate signs. The toxicity builds up, and builds up until the body is completely poisoned, and you are gravely sick with whatever form of disease the toxicity has decided to take on. Two, it is very, very difficult for many people to stay committed to a healthy diet. They crave the cheeseburgers, the sodas, the sugary treats, and processed snacks. And so that is what they eat. They continue to give themselves permission to digest these toxic foods until they suffer from the natural repercussions – sickness.

I can consult you, show you the way to drag yourself out of the sickness, but you have to do the work yourself. Ultimately, it will be you helping yourself. I can’t stress enough how important your commitment level is, if you really want to change your life. It’ll only be as difficult as you make it. You got this! Interested parties can contact Jordasche Kingston for further information and availability requests by calling 415.695.4083 or by e-mailing